Growing your wealth

Laurium Capital manages a niche range of unit trusts across the risk spectrum, accessible on most LISPs. All funds comply with the Collective Investment Schemes Control Act (CISCA) and our Balanced, Income and Stable Funds are Regulation 28 compliant. Each portfolio is also available as a tax-free investment. Please see the tax-free option in the Funds drop-down for more information.

Laurium Flexible
Prescient Fund

The Laurium Flexible Prescient Fund has a primary objective of long-term capital growth and aims to achieve a return of at least 5% above CPI per annum over rolling 3-year periods through investing in a diversified range of local and foreign asset classes. This strategy is available as a tax free investment.

Laurium Stable
Prescient Fund

The Laurium Stable Prescient fund aims to deliver long-term capital growth with low volatility and a low correlation to equity markets through all market cycles. The fund has low exposure to equity markets including preference shares as determined by legislation. The fund is regulation 28 compliant.

Laurium Africa USD
Bond Fund (ZAR)

The Laurium Africa USD Bond Prescient Fund The Fund invests primarily in USD and EUR denominated fixed income instruments (Eurobonds) and aims to outperform the Standard Bank Africa ex SA Sovereign Bond TR USD index at lower levels of volatility over time.

Nedgroup Investments
SA Equity Fund

The Nedgroup Investments SA Equity Fund has a primary investment objective of long-term capital growth and must remain at least 95% invested at all times in South African listed equities and aims to achieve returns in excess of the FTSE/JSE Capped SWIX benchmark.

Laurium BCI Strategic Income

The Laurium BCI Strategic Income Fund has a flexible mandate with no prescribed maturity limits for the securities in which it invests. It also has a flexible duration policy and seeks to protect capital in times of bond market weakness by following a defensive asset allocation strategy. The fund is regulation 28 compliant.

PPS Stable Growth

The PPS Stable Growth Fund aims to achieve moderate returns while preserving capital over the medium to long term. The primary objective is to outperform the ASISA SA Multi Asset Medium Equity category average. The investment horizon is greater than five years.

Amplify SCI
Balanced Fund

The Laurium Balanced Prescient Fund and the Sanlam Select Managed Fund merged in March 2020 to form the Amplify SCI* Balanced Fund. This is a multi asset, high-equity solution with a moderate risk profile for investors with a five year investment horizon.