Laurium Flexible Prescient Fund (Class A1)

Fund Details

The Laurium Flexible Prescient Fund is a South Africa-Multi Asset-Flexible unit trust, which means the fund has a high degree of flexibility but must invest a minimum of 60% of its assets in South Africa and up to a maximum of 30% in offshore assets plus an additional 10% in African assets. Investable assets include: equity; fixed interest; listed property and money market instruments.

The Laurium Flexible Prescient Fund will have a primary investment objective of long-term capital growth. The Fund’s investment objective is to achieve a return of at least 5% above CPI, measured over rolling 3 year periods.

Investment Approach

The Fund will invest in a flexible combination of investments in the equity, bond, money and property markets with a bias towards JSE Stock Exchange listed equities. The fund uses fundamental bottom-up research, with a value bias, to generate a concentrated portfolio with high conviction ideas with a focus on stock picking.

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