Laurium Global Active
Equity Fund

Laurium has been investing in global markets for many years as a key component of their multi-asset franchise with Murray Winckler leading the team on global strategy, given his previous experience as head of global markets (equity and debt) at Deutsche Bank.

In December 2020, Laurium acquired Tantalum Capital with the primary objective to strengthen the combined efforts of the teams across multi-asset portfolios, with an emphasis on global equities and fixed income. The Tantalum team, led by Rob Oellermann, had been building its global equity capability for a number of years, which complements Laurium’s efforts in this area. The Laurium Global Active Equity Fund is managed by Rob with support from the rest of the combined Laurium team.

Fund Details

The Laurium Global Active Equity Fund is a Section 65 approved fund domiciled in Mauritius. The Fund is an actively managed, concentrated portfolio of global equities that aims to outperform the MSCI All Country World Index (ACWI) over the long term. The Fund invests in company shares, selected bottom-up based on fundamental research and valuation. The research process that underpins the management of the fund is aligned with the greater Laurium equity research methodology and includes top-down and thematic idea generation.

Investment Approach

Stock selection flows from a combination of quantitative screening and qualitative identification arising from research of globally relevant peer companies within the SA and emerging markets, narrowing the universe to around 150 eligible companies that form the focus for fundamental research.

We identify 20-25 stocks which offer the most compelling long-term value, to create a concentrated, high conviction portfolio. Portfolio construction is unconstrained by reference to either geography or benchmark and position sizing is based purely on a combination of the expected return from each position and the degree of confidence and conviction gained from the investment research process. Laurium’s modest base of assets allows the manager to include special situations and shorter-term trade ideas without compromising the core long term focus of the Fund.

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