Funds On Friday

Commodities – Observing the fundamentals (24 June 2016) The South African market’s performance year-to-date has been predominantly driven by the commodity sector.

Flex for the win

Fund of the month (May 2016) South African multi-asset flexible funds have gained in popularity in recent years and the reasons for this are quite clear when one looks at the specific benefits that they can offer investors.

Know Your hedge Fund Manager

Money Marketing (May 2016) Retail hedge funds are coming to SA. Paving the way for this is regulation that has been in place since April 2015, bringing hedge funds into the ambit of collective investment schemes.

Top performance comes from skill

Blue Chip Magazine (March 2016) The Laurium Flexible Prescient Fund celebrates three years with chart topping performance… Want to beat good investment returns that beat inflation and the markets? Just ask the managers of the Laurium Flexible Prescient Fund.

Focus on Risk Adjusted Returns

Blue Chip chatted to Murray Winckler, co-founder and portfolio manager of Laurium Capital, about how best to understand the imminent retail investor hedge funds (RIHFs) to be launched in South Africa under CISCA (Collective Investments Schemes Control Act). Globally, the...
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A year of significance

Money Marketing Dec 2015 2015 was certainly a year with a lot of character. Whether it was protesting students, rowdy parliamentary disruptions, China’s slowdown, a crisis in Greece or finding water on Mars; the past 12 months have been exceptionally...
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Analysing your hedge fund

30 November 2015 Award winning Hedge Fund Manager, Laurium Capital, highlights important risk and return issues to assess when analysing hedge funds, and shares some insights on how to evaluate whether a hedge fund truly is an alternative investment.