Africa Long Fund Only

Limpopo African Equity Fund (USD)

The Limpopo African Equity Fund is a long only fund that invests in a diverse range of exciting investment opportunities that exist across Africa (excluding South Africa). The Fund has a broad mandate in order to effectively capture the full range of these investment opportunities.

Milltrust Laurium Africa Fund (USD)

The Laurium Milltrust Africa Fund is a Pan-African equity fund which is the Africa component of the Milltrust Global Emerging Markets (GEMS) Fund. It is a multi-manager fund that invests in a limited portfolio of regulated emerging markets equity funds. Investors can access the Fund by investing directly or through the multi-manager GEMs solution on the Milltrust platform.

Laurium Africa USD Bond Fund

Laurium Capital launched the Laurium Africa USD Bond Prescient Fund in South Africa in December 2019 for clients looking for exposure to a pure fixed income Africa CIS fund to achieve competitive USD yields and diversify their portfolios.